Lady Legs

Mz. Haze has performing arts & Stand-Up Comedy experience as well. Making her calm & clear with a mic regardless of the topic. She ironically used the same improv games to perfect her verbal humiliation skills as the demand for verbal humiliation coaches grew & she found herself consulting her new surprising skillset.


About Mz. Haze

Fighting: Mz. Haze has been training within the UFC circuit since 2008. She began bouncing at nightclubs and then transitioned into armed personal protection contracts. She began boxing & then picked up MMA. She trains with Henry Cejudo's(2 x UFC Champion) trainer/coach, Frankie Sanchez(6 x Golden Gloves Champion) in Colorado. She has trained/sparred with several Colorado Police Department boxing clubs over the years. She's currently a certified Executive Security Specialist during the day. Today & counting; she's completed different weapon training programs/courses & takes different types of security detail contracts when she's not dominating in Denver. She's a strong hand to hand combat competitor, highly coordinated, extremely accurate aim, with & without weapons. 

Arts & Crafts: 

Mz. Haze has always been inventing, creating & designing new things. She has a few patents pending. Previously she held a profession as a body artist before she began dominating. She worked mainly in the adult entertainment industry, travelling with conventions. Completing full bodysuits made from different mediums from scratch & on the spot or she would design something in advance. She designs jewelry & her own accessories & the occasional outfit. She would perform live painting expo's with models as well at conventions throughout the year. Versatile with fabricating, creating & designing on the spot. The inventiveness flowed into all of the domination work. She fabricates her own whips, tools & things herself. They'll be made available for purchase at a later date. An auction is in the works.


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