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Lady Legs

Performing & Public Speaking:

Mz. Haze has a performing arts formal background & Stand-Up Comedy experience as well. Making her calm & clear with a mic regardless of the topic. She ironically used the same improv games to perfect her verbal humiliation skills as the demand for verbal humiliation coaches grew & she found herself consulting her new surprising skillset. Plus humor helps defuse high stress situations and can assist with de-escalation as needed.

About Mz. Haze


Mz. Haze has been training within the UFC circuit since 2008. She began bouncing at nightclubs and then transitioned into armed personal protection contracts. She began boxing & then it transitioned into MMA. She trains with Henry Cejudo's(2 x UFC Champion) trainer/coach, Frankie Sanchez(6 x Golden Gloves Champion) in Colorado. After taking hand to hand combat so far, she then transitioned into weapons defense and disarming training. She has trained/sparred with several Colorado Police Department boxing clubs over the years. She's a strong hand to hand combat competitor, highly coordinated, extremely accurate aim, with & without weapons. 


Mz. Haze qualified, trained, graduated fourth in her class and is certified as an executive protection specialist. Prior to getting certified to work as an EP specialist, she has held fitness courses for troubled teens locally. While she was a part of the Aurora and Denver police department boxing clubs, as well as being hired to spar and grapple with UFC fighters, as they come to train in Denver. 


Mz. Haze lives in Colorado and works all over the Denver metro area holding different versatile security positions, handling different threat levels of protection. Her credentials include sharp shooting yearly qualifier, local three gun shooting tournaments/competitions qualifier, active shooter response training, multi-state CCW permit, tactical emergency casualty care (TECC)certification, CPR certification, taser certification, baton certification, chemical agents certification, arrest & control course, emergency vehicle operation (EVOC) course, advanced handgun shooting tactics course, combative training with/without weapons and behavior analysis and aggression course. Working with police departments locally and throughout the U.S. being called on to utilize her unique skillset and experience.


Mz. Haze has always been inventing, creating & designing new things. She has a few patents pending. Previously she held a profession as a body artist before she began dominating. She worked mainly in the adult entertainment industry, travelling with conventions. Completing full bodysuits made from different mediums from scratch & on the spot or she would design something in advance. She designs jewelry & her own accessories & the occasional outfit. She would perform live painting expo's with models and at conventions throughout the year. Versatile with fabricating, creating & designing on the spot. The inventiveness flowed into all of the domination work. She prefers to fabricate her own whips, tools & things herself.  


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