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DOMME to DOMME Training

90 min.       Session Shadowing available upon request

Contact for pricing.


Domme to Domme training is time given to other talented women in the domination industry.

Mentoring today's introverted vixens through a lot of the challenges the industry throws.

Boundary analysis helps to gauge & direct to a complimentary marketing platform that fits you.

A skills & comprehensive evaluation can help focus & guide you to discovering your specialty.

Coached technique practicing within your established specialties will strengthen your skillset.

Sales strategy simplified & organized to monetize your time & energy.

Travelling guide and practices, to pick the best location.

Security consulting & personal protection training emphasized to allow safer travel & interactions.

Self-defense training focused on maintaining control in high stress situations. 

Made available: Organizational templates, Sales/Ad templates, Safety protocols, Legal & Servitude contract/templates, Assistance writing servitude tasks, model release templates, Kink photoshoot directing, Interview checklist musts, Marketing strategy, Rules of vetting clients, Verbal humiliation improv techniques, Physical domination techniques, etc.


KINK Coaching

For Singles and Couples

60 min.        90 min.    
Contact for pricing.                                                   

Break through intimacy boundaries in a healthy way with guidance.
         Get a thorough evaluation to figure out where you can begin your exploration. Or even if you're ready at all. How to get ready.
         Receive session coaching to communicate effectively & interpret the room accurately. 

         Understanding our own intimacy pro's & con's to navigate in vulnerable situations with others.

         We all are different together. We need to discuss uncomfortable topics more often because we're all connected through love & trauma. Balancing a respectful give & take should become a priority because where there's healing, there's growth. 

          Know the depth of your trauma, to set accurate intimacy goals. We put a plan of action in place & the work begins.

          Create a win/win mindset to secure an extreme level of intimacy with your partner. Plan & tasks given out.

A Kink evaluation is given to find your preferences, boundaries, expectations, fears, strengths, pain tolerances, hidden skill sets & goals. 

          We breakdown your mind & bodies priorities to create a good starting point.

          Direction is coached to maintain balance & effective communication during intense scenario's.

          It will be uncomfortable, how will you cope in this setting?

          Maintaining a healthy balance is the goal. If it's evident it's too much for anyone, an alternative plan will always be given with a copy of your detailed KINK evaluation.

          Goal setting with KINK/fetish formulated tasks for practice. 

Establish new ways of communicating your wants & needs.

         Dominant or submissive; How to embody both & reach subspace.

         You are capable of feeling fulfilled, regardless of what your perceptions currently are.


Expose yourself to different coping techniques to strengthen your ability to focus. 

          What are you afraid of? Exercise fear to build confidence in a controlled environment.

          What are your trauma triggers? How to communicate your way through them.

          Do you have the attention span for meditation techniques or do you need to be motivated differently? Your motivations will clarify how well you can focus. 

Consulting for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in KINK/BDSM & alternative lifestyles. 

          Everyone learns differently & being able to elaborate on an infinite amount of domination topics, Mz. Haze is happy to be your subject expert.


Female Personal Protection & Safety Classes

8 people per 2.5hr class

Contact for pricing 

The classes are available for women and girls, they cover personal protection and safety. Clearly being able to communicate consent for every age is imperative these days and helping our youth navigate this area has become a personal goal for Mz. Haze to assist with. The classes are held every other Monday downtown or can be scheduled if the group exceeds 5 people and they cannot make the scheduled class. 

Class Syllabus 

    - Consent control 

    - Self defense 

    - High stress communication skills 

    - Weapon demo and practice 

    - Social media safety practices 

    - Handling hostile and aggressive behavior

    - Setting body boundaries

    - How to communicate to maintain them

Becoming a victim is easy, take control and become the challenge that demands respect.

Explore your vulnerabilities in a safe environment with support & the coaching of a certified professional. 

          Mz. Haze is a professional Pain Practitioner & a certified Executive Protection Specialist, she hopes to:
          Help people find the courage to ask questions when they don't understand something/one.
          Provide an environment where people feel safe to be vulnerable. 

          Educate women on their strengths, capabilities and rights.
          Counsel family/friends of a loved one transitioning into an alternative lifestyle that they do not understand. 

          Providing more insight to the one's seeking it. We always need to be learning about those different from ourselves.
          Create urgency to know thyself & always be aware of your limits. 


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