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Join me on my Podcast,

'Confessions of a Dominatrix', where we'll be discussing the good, the bad and the brutal truth about intimacy.

Every week the podcast will air three main segments sharing personal encounters with more than colorful surprises to keep you amused and entertained. We will get a bit uncomfortable, but we'll laugh, cry and cringe together. 

I'm Mz. Haze - a certified armed bodyguard, protecting the rich and famous by day; and a delicious Dominatrix by night, providing a painful outlet for those needing to feel things a bit differently.


Surprises are guaranteed. Please check back for a release date very soon.

You need to be punished, and who better to punish you than the hottest, most scathing seductress on the planet? No games. Your pain is my pleasure. Experience punishment like you've never felt it before. Mental and physical domination offered in a variety of styles. Verbal and Physical domination offered at extreme levels.

I create for you the taboo fulfillment you seek; filled with euphoria, shame, and most importantly - the escape from the weight of all your most terrible secrets. I'm extremely talented at striking the right tones, and I'm physically coordinated enough to maintain control throughout the session. And I'm tickled to be able to bring you the pain you've been searching for.

Pure Domination sessions are only for experienced BDSM/KINK individuals. Newbies need to jump to Kink coaching to schedule a Kink Evaluation to get started properly. 

There is no nudity or anything sexual offered. Strict personal boundaries are held & maintained during any time together. A signed & completed RACK contract agreement is required for every session.

Session Options

The fetish/kink focused sessions are designed to use your own rules, preferences and boundaries to overwhelm, confuse, distract and intensify your senses. Everything is used to test your body and distract your mind. While I decide how much control I want over you during the session. Obedience is expected. There's a wide range of options for this particular type of session. 

The physical domination sessions push your body to its limits by enduring my strength and conditioning techniques. I will test your body's pain tolerances, coordination and strength; or lack thereof. You'll find yourself tapping for submission quicker than you'd expect. These can be one sided or very competitive, a pay to fight agreement. Details for negotiating these are a bit different. Inquire, if you dare.

More physically challenging circuit training style domination sessions can be offered; where you participate as my punching bag. I'll begin strikes, kicks or knees to the body at 50% strength and watch you struggle to withstand each blow. We'll up the strength every couple minutes. It's focused on pain conditioning and isn't for the faint of hearts. The other physical sessions I offer are beatdowns. My background in MMA and boxing have prepared me to be able to offer an interrogation style beatdown session. They're my favorite.

Subject Matter Expert

I've diversifying my experience & expertise to be able to offer Kink coaching for many interested novice BDSM individuals/couples and DOMME to DOMME consultations to assist other women in the industry. 

I enjoy speaking at conventions, events , community forums, universities & colleges to further help people understand their own limits. 


A Kink evaluation helps new people determine what types of kinks & fetishes they could explore first & it allows you to establish your limits/boundaries in a safe space. It allows you exposure at your own pace. Definitely a perfect place to start, if you're not experienced, don't know where to begin and have questions.

DOMME to DOMME consultations are focused on business coaching to assess any difficulties specific to our professions & then create a plan of action.  I enjoy creating unique solutions for unique problems. Good connections with like-minded individuals is my goal. Please introduce yourself on the Services page for more info.

Legs for days
Mz. Haze